Basketball Live – Mattanawcook vs. Houlton

Thanks for tuning in! While Ken Holck and the crew won’t be announcing this game, we hope you enjoy the action!  We are broadcasting this game with our mobile unit so the quality is not as good as our full equipment.
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  • Julie Bullock

    Is anyone else able to see the Houlton/Lee game….want to make sure it isn’t my computer!

  • Greg Mills

    Just curious if you were still going to try the test equipment. Doesn’t appear to be working…Thanks for trying. It is great to be able to view the games online when we can’t make it out….Thanks again

  • Greg Mills

    Sorry, just noticed the fine print about trying at 2:45..Hope it works! Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Julie Bullock

    I can see it now and the video is pretty good….except hard to read the scoreboard! :)

  • Greg Mills

    Working great!

  • Dee Henderson

    Picture quality is very good. Keep it up WHOU.

  • Taylor Bailey

    It’s a little slower than usual.. Still awesome to be able to watch it though!

  • scott spurling

    Thanks for putting the game on. The video was a lot grainier then usual.

  • Tammy Goetsch

    The picture quality was very good most of the time. Thanks so much for broadcasting the games so we can watch from home. A couple things for feedback are: 1. You could barely make out what the young announcer was saying, the balls bouncing on the floor and the fans were so much louder than the announcer. Also, the court to the left of video was totally cut off, so you couldn’t see what was happening whenever the players when in front of Houlton’s bench. Other than that It was great to view…thanks again.

  • Scott Austin

    Didn’t tune in till the 4th quarter as I didn’t realize that it was on. Came in pretty good, didn’t “freeze up” like during the Hodgdon game. Really appreciate being able to watch these when I can’t make it to the Game.


  • Anita

    Watching from Chicago!

  • taniagra

    how do you get the game?