• 2katz

    good idea putting it inside the office……but thought this morning I forgot to put my glasses on! LOL! I LOVE checking out how things are going up “home”

  • 2katz

    Glad to see it’s sunny up there today! Not much snow though…..

  • 2katz

    Love the Change in view!

  • hubcap2

    if view is stored, would come in handy if dispute on traffic accident.

  • roger morin

    like this shot better

  • 2katz

    I Like!!!!!

  • Patrick Schools

    error loading steam manifest not found or invalid

    • IanWHOUfm

      Patrick, the camera resets every 4 hours, takes a minute or so to come back up. If you’re still getting that message now, you can email web@whoufm.com and we can probably help you out.

  • RogerH

    Great view of my hometown….Thanks

  • Jon Lawlis

    Great view of the Square – Thanks

  • waistwatcher

    Love the Market Square shots much better than the previous one

  • 2katz

    I really loved watching thee 4th of July parade, almost like being there! But with much better seats! The commentary made it that much better. I’m in Florida now, and enjoy my daily “dose” of “home” ~Deb Sennett

  • 2katz

    love the ability to change views….and the DJ……(well, not at night) but I love it!!!!! You guys are doing great work!!!!!

  • 2katz

    GOOD MORNING! CHRIS! It’s nice to see a smiling face first thing in the morning!! Have a great day!

  • Darcy Worthley Oliver

    There appears to be almost a minute delay (approx 41 seconds actually!) now that wasn’t before – how come?

  • Diane Lee

    Enjoy seeing Houlton from Florida, want to make a trip up ,
    Diane Lee

  • Rodney Adams

    Shout out to my little sister Bonnie Dickerson/Folsom. I see Houlton and like this. Love my little sister!

  • aknman49

    You don’t have a weather link on your site?
    I thought that was the first thing anyone / everyone put up first on a webpage.

  • 2katz

    first thing I look at even before getting my “mail”…..love to see what is happen up “home”.

  • Ken

    I guess the webcams aren’t working.

  • Guest

    What happened to the live webcam? It was great!!! Please bring it back.

  • Vicky

    Someone please readjust the camera 🙂

  • Jasper

    Great to see the webcam back again, I like to see all the snow over there in Maine. We don’t get so much snow here in England these days. All the best to you folks!