Houlton Webcams

Check out the traffic and weather in downtown Houlton, Maine.


  1. You don’t have a weather link on your site?
    I thought that was the first thing anyone / everyone put up first on a webpage.

  2. Shout out to my little sister Bonnie Dickerson/Folsom. I see Houlton and like this. Love my little sister!

  3. There appears to be almost a minute delay (approx 41 seconds actually!) now that wasn’t before – how come?

  4. love the ability to change views….and the DJ……(well, not at night) but I love it!!!!! You guys are doing great work!!!!!

  5. I really loved watching thee 4th of July parade, almost like being there! But with much better seats! The commentary made it that much better. I’m in Florida now, and enjoy my daily “dose” of “home” ~Deb Sennett

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