Houlton Webcams



  1. I always enjoy checking in on my hometown in the morning as I catch up on the daily news. I spend summers nearby and appreciate what Houlton still offers. Thanks for maintaining this site.

  2. Thanks so much for maintaining this webcam. I hope to one day have a house in your beautiful state of Maine. For now, I have to get my dose of “Maine Medicine” via the Houlton webcam. I lived my entire life in a state which had four seasons until 8 years ago. You can’t imagine how much one can miss the changing of Autumn leaves and waking up to a silent snow fall. Thank you again for providing us a little peek into your beautiful state. All the best!

  3. Thank you so much for having this webcam.I live in Florida and my daughter and grandkids live there.I love to see what kind of weather they are having up there on any day.I also like to see the parades and things going on in the area.I sure would love to see some more webcams other places as well.

  4. It’s 7:30 Saturday night I’m looking at the empty square. Back in the late fifties that square would have been crowded with shoppers and movie goers. Guys would get to town early to get the parking space at the corner of court and Main Street to watch and holler at the girls. Kinda sad to see now but that’s progress. Still a sight to behold. Great memories. Thanks for the cam.

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