Houlton Live Camera

Check out the traffic (or lack thereof) and weather in Houlton, live from the WHOU office.
  • Len Gravel

    Great Job

  • BarbaraWalton

    Wow now we can see all the fender benders–hahaha   Glad WHOU showing interest in our town

  • buddylawrenceclark

    Glad to see you back, but wish the camera was in the Square!!

    • Donna Washburn

      me too

  • Stacy Jones

    I think this is pretty cool. A friend just called as she drove by, just for fun. There was only a few seconds’ delay. :)

  • Erin Marie

    Won’t load

    • WHOUfm

      Working fine here – what are you trying to watch it on?

      • Leslie Cullins

        Working great on my end too…took a picture of my husband at the stop sign and sent to him welcoming him back to town…hehehe thanks

      • xmaniac

        working fine here. I’m viewing it from Italy.

      • Jonathon Lawlis

        can you tell me exactly where the cam is looking at?

        • Fred Grant

          The camera shows the corner of Kendall St. (Rt. 1) and Military St. (Rt. 2).

          • Jonathon Lawlis

            Thanks Fred

  • enJOY

    I like watching all the vehicles rolling through the stop sign lol

  • trish

    I’m from New Jersey and it’s nice to see a live feed from Houlton. Your roads are in better shape then ours are after we get 2 inches of snow. LOL! We have a home in Selden, Me. and we usually only come up in the summer months, but have enjoyed being there a couple of times in the winter. Be safe all, spring is on the way.

    • WHOUfm

      We hope you’re right! Spring seems months and months away!

  • John

    The lens is covered with water droplets

  • 2katz

    I love checking out Houlton during the day.

  • Penny Guerra

    I like cking out the page. Houlton Born and raised. moved about 30 years ago. Still have lots of family there. Go home as often as I can. Houlton will always be home.