Radio Broadcast History?


So, I think we might have made broadcast history in the State of Maine on December 30th, 2013.  It’s hard to say, but it had to be first on some level – maybe the video streaming side of things.

We had planned on covering the GHCA games in Presque Isle that day until we found out that Kyle Bouchard, a Junior at Houlton High School, was going to be scoring his 1,000th point at Washington Academy in East Machias, Maine.  The trouble is that East Machias is about 2 and a half hours from Houlton and getting our entire crew there for the game was not possible on short notice.  So, we decided to send our camera man with our video streaming equipment and attempt to call the game from our studio at WHOU.

While we had almost everything go according to plan we did have a couple of minor issues that we didn’t account for.  However, our video stream was excellent and we were able to display the video on a large screen tv we set up in the office.  Both Ken Holck and Tim Tweedie were able to see the game and the video was clear enough that they could keep track of the players.  We were able to broadcast Ken’s and Tim’s play-by-play on the radio AND combine their commentary with the video stream and rebroadcast the stream to viewers.  Surprisingly, no one knew the difference (or at least no one let on).

So, congratulations Kyle, Tim, Ken, Ian, Chris, Tyler, Fred, Houlton Boys and WHOU!  Hopefully we all made the record books that night!

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