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2024 Eclipse Exits the US in Houlton, Maine

If you’re looking for the best place to experience the total eclipse coming to Northern Maine on April 8, 2024, then look no further than Houlton, Maine. Houlton is the epicenter of the eclipse, which means that it will experience the longest duration of darkness and the most spectacular view of the event.

As the epicenter, Houlton will experience the longest duration of totality of approximately 3 minutes and 19 seconds. This is longer than other nearby cities including the towns listed below in Maine and New Brunswick, Canada.

Town Start End Totality Difference
Houlton 3:32:06 PM 3:35:25 PM 3 minutes, 19 seconds
Woodstock, NB 4:32:22 PM 4:35:39 PM 3 minutes, 17 seconds -0:02
Mars Hill 3:32:09 PM 3:35:22 PM 3 minutes, 13 seconds -0:06
Millinocket 3:31:23 PM 3:34:20 PM 2 minutes, 57 seconds -0:22
Presque Isle 3:32:08 PM 3:34:58 PM 2 minutes, 50 seconds -0:29
Fredericton, NB 4:33:49 PM 4:36:06 PM 2 minutes, 17 seconds -1:02
Caribou 3:32:28 PM 3:34:38 PM 2 minutes, 10 seconds -1:09
Fort Kent Partial
Bangor Partial
Augusta Partial
Portland Partial

This extra time of darkness will give viewers the opportunity to take in the full experience of the eclipse and will be well worth the journey to Houlton.

In addition to the longer duration of darkness, Houlton is the perfect location to view the eclipse because of its clear skies and unobstructed view of the sky. This will ensure that viewers have the best possible view of the eclipse without any obstructions or distractions.

Finally, Houlton is the ideal location to experience the eclipse because of its close proximity to other attractions and activities in the area. There are several different restaurants, shops, and other attractions nearby that will provide the perfect backdrop for the eclipse viewing experience.

For these reasons, Houlton, Maine is the ideal location to experience the total eclipse coming to Northern Maine on April 8, 2024. With the longest duration of darkness, the clearest skies, and the close proximity to other attractions, Houlton is the perfect place to witness this amazing event.

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