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Video Advertising with WHOU

Hundreds of thousands of people have seen WHOU streaming videos of LIVE and archived events – maybe you’re one of them!  Advertising on live streaming video is a great way to have your message seen and ENGAGE your future customers!

Why? Because our ads are different!  Not only can customers see the ads, but they can also click the ads and be taken to any site you choose!

Here’s how we will do it:

  1. Pre-Roll video – A short video will play before each “stream” starts.  This feature will also be included in all of our archived videos for this year too.  These video ads can be hyper-linked to any website to easily direct traffic to YOUR business
  2. Overlays – Unlike typical text ads, these creative ads can include text, graphics, and moving images right on the screen.  These flash ads will appear periodically throughout the stream AND in archived videos.  Worried about the ads interrupting the stream?  Don’t be!  They will be in the lower 5th of the screen and will not hinder the viewing of all the action.

Video Sample With Pre-Roll Advertiser & Overlays

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