American Girl Voice Ellie Grant at WHOU

WHOU is pleased to announce that American Girl Voice – Ellie Grant, has added her voice to the WHOU list of available voice talent.  Ellie is a high school student that has been working in radio from the age of 8.

“Reading and acting has always been fun for me.  I’ve been able to work as a voice actress for over a year on where people and companies from all over the world hire me to record everything from the voice for their apps to animated shorts,” states Ellie.

Ellie markets herself as the “American Girl Voice” ON Fiverr providing a young, american girl voice (either child or teen) to the project she works on.  As a resident of Houlton she is able to work from home in her studio where she records, edits and delivers her finished projects to her clients.

As Ellie states, “It’s a great job for me because I get to do something I’m good at and I can make spending money and hopefully some for college.”

Listeners have heard Ellie’s “American Girl Voice” on WHOU previously as the voice of the School Lunch Menu, commercials where a young student has been needed and her voice has been used in multiple promotions.

Ellie’s American girl voice is now available to any client at WHOU that is looking for young, energetic delivery of their commercial or audio project.  Ellie is also available for narration, video voice over, explainer videos, audio books, mobile apps, and any other voice over work.  Ellie is also able to sing, provide different voices and speak with foreign accents.

Sample of Ellie’s work can be found on her website

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