Broadcast Schedule

Here is our current broadcast schedule.  This schedule is subject to change!

You can watch all games at



  1. I don’t understand why your announcers continue to tell us the scores of other games. I pay good money to you so i can watch all of the games. i don’t want to know the scores of others games. do you not understand what watching games on demand means. please stop having your broadcast teams tell the scores of other games it makes no sense. i will stop paying for this site if it doesn’t stop

    1. I don’t know – our 3 crews in the Bangor area are busy all the time and worked to cover as many teams as they could.
      We streamed John Bapst 33 times this season
      Orono – 20 times
      Old Town – 32
      Hermon – 19
      Brewer – 19
      Hampden – 28
      Bangor – 34

      I’d say John Bapst did pretty well!

  2. I entered credit card info to sign up to view the girls concert scheduled at 3pm on May 20, and no streaming available. Have signed in several times with necessary username and password and nothing happens. No link to streaming, nothing. Very disappointing to not be able to see my granddaughter perform. Your subscription to stream events does not work.

  3. WTH? Why don’t your links work? Credit card link worked great – now I’d like to hear my daughter’s concert. Nothing. Link goes nowhere. ‘Shocked’, says I. Not favorably impressed with you.

    1. Sorry, this is probably too late but you can scroll through Portland Expo, Bangor and Augusta at the top and will then show live links to all of the games.

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