Cam’s Chainsaw Carving Raffle to Benefit Crockett Family

Cam’s Chainsaw Carving Raffle to Benefit Crockett Family

This Smokey the Bear chainsaw carving will be raffled off at the Southern Aroostook Trade Show at the Millar Civic Center in Houlton this coming weekend with all proceeds benefiting the Crockett family.

Tickets are being sold for $10 each. Please share this post to help spread word for this cause.

Introducing “Ranger Crockett”, a Smokey the Bear chainsaw carving engraved with Jeremiah Crockett’s Ranger call numbers. Raffle tickets are being sold now through Sunday April 9.

The “Ranger Crockett” project was was designed and created by Cameron Clark of Houlton. Clark got the idea for the fundraiser from longtime friend Ryan Tribou who graduated from high school with Crockett’s two sons, Phoenix and Elyjah

“Ranger Crockett” will be on display at the Southern Aroostook trade show next weekend where tickets can be purchased. The winning ticket will be drawn at the close of the trade show on Sunday with representatives from the Maine Forest Rangers present.

Tickets may also be purchased in one of the following ways: -Maine Forest Ranger point of contact is Robby Gross. He can be contacted by phone at 227-4367. -Tickets can also be purchased at TD Bank in Houlton from Jennifer Anderson. -Online tickets can be purchased by contacting Tribou at 694-1564, or via Facebook.

Anyone having any questions please contact Ryan Tribou at 694-1564


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