Catalytic Converter Notice

Increase in theft reports

Over the past several months, regions of Aroostook County and across the state  have reported increased thefts of Catalytic Converters from a variety of businesses  and private property. These have been removed directed from parked vehicles  using a variety of methods. Fortunately, Houlton has not seen this trend. In an  attempt to take a proactive approach, HPD is bringing this to your awareness and  ask that we collaborate in avoiding this type of crime in our community.

HPD will be conducting increased patrols in the areas of vehicle sales, schools,  parking lots and areas where these types of thefts would likely occur. In addition,  we ask that you report anything suspicious in your lots and adjust your cameras, if  equipped, in areas that may be more secluded from public view.

Currently, there is proposed legislation to restrict the sales of salvaged converters  to only those with the authority to do so. HPD will continue to monitor the  legislation and the results.

In the meantime, I ask that we work together to protect our community. Please feel free to contact me or any members of HPD at 532-2287.

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