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Eclipse Parking Area Registry

Looking for a way to make money during The Maine Eclipse happening in Houlton and Woodstock on April 8, 2024?  Not looking to make money but want to help eclipse efforts  by providing parking at your home, business, church or land?  This is how you do it!  Register your parking area and WHOU will help you coordinate and get the word out about your parking area for the eclipse!

Let us know if you will be staffing your parking area OR how about allowing a group/organization to manage your parking for you?  They can charge a fee and share (or keep)  the money that is raised.  The choice is yours!

Once you fill out the form we will be in touch with more details.  Have a question about parking for the eclipse?  Give us a call at 207-532-3600

Eclipse Parking Registry
Register you parking area NOW for the eclipse! WHOU will help promote and coordinate parking for eclipse weekend. This is a great way to make some money or to allow groups and organizations to make money.
Only necessary if the parking lot is at a business. Used to help us identify the location.
What type of location is it?
Select the days you will allow parking.
Can vehicles be parked overnight?
Selected Value: 1
Rough estimate of the number of spaces you have for a regular/medium sized car.
We recommend a fee. $20 is the average but based on location you may want to charge more or less.
Will you be attending your parking area to help guide visitors and maximize parking space? If not, would you be open to having a group/organization to attend your parking area?

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