Ewings individual winner in Hermon Meet

Houlton/GHCA Girls won the girl’s meet over Hermon, John Bapst, Caribou, Ellsworth, and Presque Isle.  Teanne Ewings was the varsity girl’s individual winner.  Natalie Johnson and Leanne Ross also had top 10 finishes in fourth and seventh, respectively.  The girls junior varsity race winner was Amelia Drake.  There were no full scoring teams in girls junior varsity division.
The boy’s meet was won by John Bapst.  They topped Ellsworth, Old Town, Caribou, MSSM, Houlton, and Hermon.  Ethan Roach of John Bapst was the individual boy’s winner.  Houlton/GHCA’s top boy finished just outside the top 10, as James Brady finished 11th overall, just .53 seconds out of 10th.  The boy’s junior varsity race was also won by John Bapst and they were uncontested in that race.
Fort Kent was also in attendance at the meet but did not have enough scoring members for any races.
Individual Results:
1. Teanne Ewings 20:23.87
4. Natalie Johnson 22:20.01
7. Leanne Ross 23:44.89
14. Andrea Ross 25:19.75
18. McKenna Phillips 25:52.34
23. Victoria Ervin 27:57.49
J1. Amelia Drake 29:04.40
J4. Charlotte Hanscom 32:16.50
J5. Danlen Espenscheid 32:28.50
J6. Stephanie Tuttle 33:13.40
11. James Brady 20:05.74
18. Jack Philbrook 21:19.85
28. Colton Simoes 22:21.53
35. Kristian Kellerhals 23:20.93
42. Phillip Espenscheid 24:16.26
J16. Ethan Casale 40:08.29
Next up for the Houlton/GHCA cross country team is the Caribou Aroostook League Invite on Sept.16.  This will see Washburn, Fort Kent, MSSM, Houlton/GHCA, Caribou, and Presque Isle in competition.  The course will serve as a preview for the PVC Championships later in October for Houlton/GHCA, PI, and Caribou, as this will be the same course run for that meet.


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