Greater Houlton Cross Country Girls Triumphs at Presque Isle Invitational, Boys Team Rise to Second

Presque Isle, ME – The Houlton/GHCA cross country team displayed an outstanding performance at the Presque Isle Invitational, securing a decisive win in the girls’ race and an impressive second-place finish in the boys’ race.

In the girls’ race, our team dominated the competition with a convincing victory, amassing a mere 18 points, leaving the second-place Presque Isle far behind with 50 points and third-place Caribou with 52 points.  The girls’ individual race saw Teanne Ewings clinching the top spot, leading the way for the team.  Teammates Natalie Johnson secured an impressive second place, while Leanne Ross claimed third place.  Andrea Ross and Katie McQuarrie continued the team’s success, finishing sixth and eighth, respectively.

Katie McQuarrie entering the final 500m of the 5k

In the boys’ race, our team narrowly missed the top spot.  Caribou emerged as the victors with 40 points, while Houlton/GHCA secured a commendable second place with 42 points.  The team displayed remarkable individual performances, led by freshman Brayden Drake, who secured a fifth-place finish.  Malachi Witmer and James Brady followed closely, finishing in sixth and seventh place, respectively.  Shawn Coty and Shayne Grass contributed to the team’s strong showing, finishing 12th and 25th, respectively.

Also competing for the team were runners Amelia Drake, Dalylah Mincey, and Ethan Casale who factored into the displacing scores of other teams.  They competed with determination and spirit, further showcasing the depth and talent of the team.

Andrea Ross powering up the final hill, coming in to the finish with about 100m to go

The team will now set sights on the Sectional Invitational in Old Town on Saturday, September 23 as they enter the middle of their competitive season.  Our middle school team will be in action this week at Union 122 in Woodland for a 2 mile loop through their trails.

1. Teanne Ewings 18:37.32
2. Natalie Johnson 20:48.00
3. Leanne Ross 22:02.24
6. Andrea Ross 23:57.43
8. Katie McQuarrie 25:26.40
19. Amelia Drake 29:09.00
21. Dalylah Mincey 30:30.10
5. Brayden Drake 19:07.94
6. Malachi Witmer 19:13.29
7. James Brady 19:17.29
12. Shawn Coty 20:44.95
25. Shayne Grass 24:19.51
35. Ethan Casale 31:38.70
James Brady leads teammate Brayden Drake and Malachi Witmer through the start of the race
Shayne Grass powers up a hill just after the mile mark
Shawn Coty gives chase to a Washburn runner just after the mile mark

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