Houlton and Southern Aroostook from the Air

The 2nd Annual Wings & Wheels show is taking place this Saturday and to get in “the spirit” I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a looooooong time.

On Monday I had the chance to take to the skies with Gene Ross.  The was my first time in the air with Gene and what a fantastic trip!

Gene can be seen in the air most calm nights from Spring through the Fall and I am envious of hobby.  The views from above are breathtaking – literally.

I’ll admit, I was a little nervous as we got started.  The idea of being hundreds of feet in the air in a vehicle similar in feel to a topless jeep (just smaller) gives you the feeling that there is not much separating you from the world below you. However, you soon realize that your harness is secure and you are in good hands with an experienced pilot.

I took our mobile video streaming unit with us on the trip and had many people join me online for the flight.  I also recorded the flight and have provided the full broadcast below.  I did lose my data signal a couple of times when we ventured out of Houlton air space so this video provides the full coverage of the flight.

I contemplated letting the video play with the drone of the engine, but instead opted for a music bed.  Is the music corny?  Maybe, but you can always turn your volume down!

Here were my favorite parts of the flight – let me know your favorites:

  • Watching my son play soccer at HHS.  I finally had good seats!
  • Market Square (btw – we are announcing a downtown project soon – stay tuned)
  • Nickerson Lake
  • Sunset
  • Field skimming
  • All the people who waved to us on the journey

Gene, thanks for the great experience!  I can’t wait to do it again!

HoultonFlight7-21-14 from Northern Maine Media on Vimeo.

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