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By Gloria Austin

Houlton Floral Designs recently opened in December 2020 and is continuing to flourish.

“It was a natural addition to our existing garden business,” said owner Bill McCluskey.

Houlton Floral Designs, 106 Main Street in Houlton, carries an array of fresh and silk flowers, arrangements, and centerpieces. But, that is not all that the latest flower shop has to offer. They have house plants in two-inch to 14-inch pots, succulents, cactus, Fairy Gardens, and Dish Gardens.

Houlton Floral Designs also carries fertilizers, a full line of soils, and amendments to keep your house plants or garden healthy through the year. 

“We have any gardening supplies you may need,” said Bobbie Jo Beaulieu, manager.

You can buy True Leaf gardening seeds by the pound or Seed Saver by the package. Houlton Floral Designs has vegetables, herbs, and flower seeds.

Looking for the perfect window box? How about a nice ceramic, metal, wood, or plastic flower planter? Houlton Floral Designs has vintage-to-modern-looking containers in all shapes, sizes, and colors to feature your floral display.

Beaulieu is also busy designing bouquets for every occasion – weddings, funerals, prom, class reunions, or any special event. Stop in and take a peek in the cooler to find fresh flower arrangements. Houlton Floral Designs offers free delivery service in the Houlton area, as well.

As spring nears, the community can visit Houlton Floral Designs’ outdoor event.

“We will have tents set up in the parking lot with annual and perennial flower trays and hanging baskets,” Beaulieu said. “Stop by and shop for your outside decor with us.”

Houlton Floral Designs is open Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 and Saturday from 9 to 1. To order plants or flowers online, visit or their Facebook page.

To discover Easter and Mother’s Day specials, scroll through their Facebook posts to get a glimpse.

Remember, sometimes no occasion is needed to brighten your home.

“Floral freshness will bring spring into your home,” said Beaulieu.

Houlton Floral Designs also offers landscaping and cemetery services. They can spruce up your cemetery plots, around your home, cottage, or business. They do planting, weeding, composting, and fertilizing as needed.

For all your flower or gardening needs, you can reach Houlton Floral Designs at 521-5289. 


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