Houlton Gets By Central Of East Corinth In High School Golf Action

In a delightful display of youthful enthusiasm and sportsmanship, the Houlton Shiretowners and Central High School of East Corinth’s Red Devils recently squared off in a high school golf match at the picturesque Houlton Country Club. Though the competition was fierce, it was evident that these talented young golfers left no room for rivalry overshadowing their shared love for the game.

 With clubs in hand and determination in their eyes, the two teams embarked on a cloudy day at Houlton Country Club, eager to showcase their golfing prowess. The final scorecard reflected the admirable skills and camaraderie on display, with Houlton securing the victory with a total score of 192, while Central High School’s Red Devils posted a respectable 234. 

Houlton’s Patrick Marino emerged as the medalist of the day, showcasing his remarkable talent with an impressive score of 39. He was closely followed by Thadon Gentle, who carded a 43, and Joely Stone and Presley Goodwin, who both contributed scores of 55. These scores combined to give Houlton their total of 192, marking a memorable day for the Shiretowners. 

On the other side of the green, Central High School’s Red Devils exhibited their golfing skills with pride and determination. Nate Rogers led the charge with a commendable score of 57, closely followed by Garrett Wheeler and Nick Wardwell, both of whom posted scores of 58. Tyler Durham rounded up the team’s performance with a score of 61, resulting in a cumulative score of 234 for the Red Devils.

 While the scorecard may show a clear winner, what truly shone through on this day was the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship. These young athletes, representing their respective schools, displayed not only their golfing abilities but also their respect for the game and their opponents. 

As the sun set over the Houlton Country Club, it was evident that this match had been about much more than just numbers on a scorecard. It was a day when high school athletes came together to celebrate the sport they love, foster friendships, and learn valuable life lessons that extend far beyond the golf course. 

Congratulations to both the Houlton Shiretowners and Central High School’s Red Devils for their outstanding performance and for setting a remarkable example of sportsmanship for all to see. These young golfers have surely made their schools and communities proud, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for these promising talents in the world of golf.


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