Houlton/GHCA girls win over Aroostook League competitors

Ewings takes top honors in meet

Ethan Casale and Coach Dyer at the halfway point of the course.

Teams from Aroostook County converged on Caribou last night for a cool and windy meet of Aroostook League members. Schools with runners competing were Fort Kent, Limestone/MSSM, Houlton/GHCA, Presque Isle, Washburn, and host Caribou.

Full Results:

In the girl’s team standings it was Houlton/GHCA that ran away with the win. The girls put five scorers in the top 10, with overall race winner Teanne Ewings taking top honors.  Houlton/GHCA tallied 28 points for the low score followed by Fort Kent 58; Caribou 63; Presque Isle 85; and Washburn 117.  

Rounding out the top 10 individuals were 2. Kaylee Bell Caribou, 3. Natalie Johnson Houlton/GHCA, 4. Maggie Bell Caribou, 5. Anna Jandreau Presque Isle, 6. Leanne Ross Houlton/GHCA, 7. Rowan Tanguay Fort Kent, 8. Andrea Ross Houlton/GHCA, 9. Annabelle Reardon Fort Kent, and 10. McKenna Phillips Houlton/GHCA.

On the boy’s side, the team from Washburn pulled off the upset over perennial powerhouse Caribou despite the Vikings being able to capture first and second place in individual ranks.  Houlton/GHCA was able to put two individuals into the top 10, with a pair of standout freshmen in James Brady – 5th and Jack Philbrook – 8th.  

Overall team results were 1. Washburn 33, 2. Caribou 43, 3. Houlton/GHCA 51.  For the top ten individuals we saw 1. George Ferland Caribou, 2. Ephraim Willey Caribou, 3. Griffin Duigan Limestone/MSSM, 4. Alden Reardon Fort Kent, 5. Brady Houlton/GHCA, 6. Kaiden Carney Washburn, 7. Reogan Carney Washburn, 8. Philbrook Houlton/GHCA, 9. Chris Tardie Washburn, and 10. Garret Plourde Washburn.

“The course was the fastest we have run on yet this year and coaches and spectators had plenty of opportunity to see the athletes several times as they raced,” said Houlton/GHCA coach Chris Rines. Caribou and Coach Alden always put on a great course and meet environment.  The convenient location of the mile marks near each other was a great benefit for collecting race data and overall our kids really enjoyed this course.  Every single runner of ours hit their best times of the season tonight, we are excited to come back and race here again for the PVC Championships in October.”

The Houlton/GHCA  girls team kept up their winning ways, now 4-0 on the season among mainly Aroostook League competition but notably last week’s Presque Isle invite that had Class B PVC schools in attendance. Ewing’s individual record also reflects the same 4-0 stat line as well. 

The Houlton/GHCA  boys were without Captain Krisitian Kellerhals for this race as he was out due to illness, but stepping up to take over scoring for him was Ethan Casale.  Ethan dropped 38 seconds from his time a week ago and together with guide Coach Dyer crossed the finish line strong and eager for more, said Rines.

Houlton/GHCA Individuals –

  1. Ewings 19:54.64
  2. Johnson 21:24.11
  3. L. Ross 22:31.73
  4. A. Ross 23:59.03
  5. Phillips 25:00.89
  6. Victoria Ervin 26:25.94
  7. Amelia Drake 27:03.29
  8. Charlotte Hanscom 27:17.50
    Phillip Espenscheid crossing the 2-Mile mark during a recent meet in Caribou.
  9. Stephanie Tuttle 30:29.34
  10. Danlen Espenscheid 30:31.28
  11. Calli Sylvia DNF


  1. Brady 19:13.68
  2. Philbrook 20:08.40
  3. Colton Simoes 20:54.73
  4. Phillip Espenscheid 21:36.16
  5. Ethan Casale 39:30.14


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