Houlton/GHCA opens track and field season

Teanne Ewings dominates long distance events

The combined Houlton/GHCA Track & Field team began their season with an early meet before the start of the vacation week in Bucksport with eight schools in attendance.

The girl’s team came out strong, placing second behind Bucksport in overall points with impressive wins in the long-distance track events and javelin in the field events.

Sixteen girls placed in the top six in one or more events. Freshman Teanne Ewings displayed her dominance in the long-distance events, placing first in all three events and, with her three teammates placed first in the 4X800 relay.

“For many of our kids, it was the first time they’ve been able to experience their events to the fullest whether it be throwing out of properly a secure discus ring, running through a full set of hurdles, landing jumps into actual sand, or even just being able to run on a flat grade for a full 400 meters.  It was a long day but overall a great start to our season,” said Coach Chris Rines.

Full Girls results –
The girl’s team scores were:  1.  Bucksport 212 points, 2. Houlton 145 points, 3. George Stevens Academy 92 points, 4. Washington Academy 67 points, 5. Penquis Valley High School 4 points, and 6. Searsport with 1 point.

Full Boys results –
The boy’s team scores were 1. Bucksport 225 points, 2.George Stevens Academy 115 points, 3. Washington Academy 105 points, 4. Houlton/GHCA 34 points, and 5. Searsport 13 points. The boys had five individuals finish in the top six in one or more events.

Senior Sam Johnson with fast start in the girls 100m.

Individual Results: Girls

100  meter 4 Samantha Johnson 14.30
200  meter 2 Samantha Johnson 30.93; 5 Isabella Ardell 32.29
400  meter 2 Isabella Ardell 1:10.41; 4 Abigail Duff 1:12.91
800  meter 1 Teanne Ewings 2:26.52; 3 Elena Ardell 2:46.30; 5 Natalie Johnson 3:00.58
1600 meter 1 Teanne Ewings 5:14.67; 4 Abigail Duff 6:25.30; 5 Natalie Johnson 6:36.07
3200 meter 1 Teanne Ewings 12:18.25; 2 Leanne Ross 14:36.10
100 meter hurdles  4 Katie McQuarrie 23.08; 5 Amelia Drake 23.77
300 meter hurdles 3 Leanne Ross 57.93
4×100 Relay 2nd:  Ariana Ardell, Isabella Ardell, Elena Ardell, Samantha Johnson
4×800 Relay 1st:   Leanne Ross, Natalie Johnson, Abigail Duff, Teanne Ewings
High Jump:  4 Elena Ardell 4-02.00; 5 Danlen Espencheid 4-0.00
Long Jump: 3 Ariana Ardell 14-00.25
Triple Jump: 3 Ariana Ardell 29-01.00
Discus:  4 Jayden Swimm 66.07.00; 5 Kaitlyn Kenny 65-00.00
Javelin:  1 Kaitlyn Kenney 87-05.00; 5 Joely Stone 68-03.00; 6 Danlen Espenscheid 55-09.00

Individual Results: Boys
400  meter 3 Daniel Ross 58.07; 4 Terry Valles 101:83; 6 Philip Espencheid 1:09.43
800  meter 5 Daniel Ross  2:22.48
1600 meter 3 Daniel Ross 4:58.76
400 relay:  4 Samuel Duff, Daniel Ross, Terry Valles, Philip Espencheid.Tripl

e Jump:  3 Samuel Duff 36-08.00; 4 Jeremiah Bourgoin 33-01.00; 6 Philip Espencheid 29-00.


“Big congrats to our event winners, Katy – Javelin, our girl’s 4×800 – Leanne, Natalie, Abby, and Teanne, who would also go on to complete the perfect distance event sweep with wins in the 800, 1600, and 3200!,” Rines said.

Sophomore Terry Valles coming in for the landing in the boys long jump.

As far as personal bests – obviously, any of the kids competing in an event for the first time established their personal best, so Rines highlights those students who had previous marks on the books already:

Senior Daniel Ross sits in 4th early in the boys 1600m.
JJ – Triple Jump
Daniel Ross – 800m
Jayden Swimm – Shot, Disc, & Javelin
A few new school records were set yesterday as well!  Congrats to our new school record holders!!
GHCA – Boys Triple Jump 36′ 8″ – Samuel Duff
GHCA – Girls 400m 1:12.91 – Abigail Duff
GHCA – Girls 800m 2:26.52 – Teanne Ewings
GHCA – Girls 1600m 5:14.67 – Teanne Ewings
GHCA – Girls 3200m 12:18.52 – Teanne Ewings
Houlton – Girls 4x100m 56.17 – Isabella, Elena, Ariana, & Sam
MileSplit Elite Performances –
“We did have one athlete yesterday achieve what MileSplit dubs an ‘Elite Performance,’ I’m not entirely sure the exact metrics used to determine that, but I still want to recognize Teanne Ewings and her 1600m performance for meeting the MileSplit National Second Team standard.  Hers was the only elite performance at the meet,” added Rines.

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