Houlton girls track team 2021 Aroostook County League Team Champions!

Local athletes set personal bests

Last Friday night will surely be a night to remember for the Houlton track team, as the girls team put up a 200-point effort led by senior Emma Ardell (34) and junior Sam Johnson (32) to not only break the team scoring record, but also walk away with Aroostook County League team championship.
Ariana Ardell gets ready to spring over the pole during the pole vault in the Aroostook County championship.
“I cannot say to any certainty if this is indeed the first Championship win for the girl’s team in school history, ” said coach Chris Rines. “But, it certainly is the first one during my tenure as coach. I know for a fact it is the first time a team other than Caribou has won the title since at least 2003, but probably even longer than that.”
Kaitlyn Kenney throwing the javelin at Aroostook County track championship.
Of the top 10 scorers in the girls meet, six of them were Shiretowners.  Emma Ardell and Johnson finished second and third, respectively in overall scoring, falling just short of the top overall athlete award that was won by Presque Isle’s Annalise Jandreau (38).
Adding to the effort for the Shires were Elena Ardell 25.5, Ariana Ardell 24.5, Emmalyne Drake 23, Kaitlyn Kenny 20, Leanne Ross 12.5, Isabella Ardell 12, Hope Royal 8, Joely Stone 5, and Aliya Sabbatis-Webber 2.5.
“Every single girl who entered scored for the team,” Rines said. “Which in turn means every girl at least placed in one of their events, earning a medal or ribbon for their efforts, and contributing to the full team win.
With only 11 girls on the team, each and every single one had to be used in the most advantageous events for them to score in,” continued Rines. “Every girl had a maxed-out event schedule and they all showed up and performed.
The boys faced a much steeper uphill battle, but were able to find some points among the difficult competition.  Led by senior Jeremy Stone with eight points and junior Daniel Ross with six.  The two were rejoined by sophomore JJ Bourgoin who was back from vacation.  Together the three were able to edge out Fort Kent in the team standings.
“I’m happy to say every athlete, including the girls team, was able to hit a career personal best mark in at least one event,” said Rines.  “In fact, we had quite the list of accomplishments from Friday.”


Ariana Ardell – Pole Vault County Champ, School Record; 4×400 County Champ; 24.5 overall points
Elena Ardell – Career Best 400m, 800m, High Jump; 800m County Champ, 4×400 County Champ; 25.5 overall points
Emma Ardell – Career Best 100m, 200m, 300m Hurdle; 300m Hurdle New School Record; 100m Hurdle County Champ, 300m Hurdle County Champ; 34 overall points, runner up top scorer
Isabella Ardell – 4×400 County Champ; 12 overall points
Emmalyne Drake – Career Best 800m, 1600m, 3200m; 23 overall points
Sam Johnson – Career Best 200m, 400m; County Champ 100m, 200m, 400m; 32 overall points, 3rd place top scorer
Kaitlyn Kenny – Career Best Shot Put, Javelin; 4x400m County Champ; 20 overall points
Leanne Ross – Career Best 300m Hurdle, 3200m; 12.5 overall points
Hope Royal – Career Best 300m Hurdle, High Jump
Aliya Sabattis-Webber – Career Best 100m, Shot Put
Joely Stone – Career Best Shot Put, Discus, Javelin
JJ Bourgoin – Career Best 100m, Triple Jump, High Jump
Daniel Ross – Career Best 1600m
Jeremy Stone – Career Best Triple Jump


Aliya Sabbatis-Webber prepares to throw the shot put during the County track championship.

100 Hurdles – 1st, Emma Ardell, 17.64 – County Champion
100 Hurdles – 4th, Hope Royal, 20.82
100m Dash – 1st, Samantha Johnson, 13.24 – County Champion
100m Dash – 3rd, Emma Ardell, 13.67
100m Dash – 12th, Aliya Sabattis-Webber, 15.96
1600m Run – 3rd, Emmalyne Drake, 6:10.76
1600m Run – 4th, Leanne Ross, 6:12.64
4x100m Relay – 3rd, Houlton High School (Isabella Ardell, Ross, Royal, Sabattis-Webber), 1:00.72
300m Hurdle – 6th, Leanne Ross, 57.26
300m Hurdle – 7th, Hope Royal 1:00.58
800m Run – 1st, Elena Ardell, 2:37.38 – County Champion
800m Run – 4th, Emmalyne Drake, 2:41.73
200m Dash – 1st, Samantha Johnson, 29.01 – County Champion
200m Dash – 2nd, Emma Ardell, 29.5
200m Dash – 5th, Isabella Ardell, 31.47
200m Dash – 9th, Aliya Sabattis-Webber, 34.82
3200m Run – 2nd, Emmalyne Drake, 13:57.29
3200m Run – 3rd, Leanne Ross, 14:03.52
4x400m Relay – 1st, Houlton High School (I. Ardell, Kaitlyn Kenney, Ariana Ardell, El. Ardell), 4:39.8 – County Champion
High Jump – T3rd, Emmalyne Drake, 4’6″
High Jump – T3rd, Elena Ardell, 4’6″
High Jump – 6th, Hope Royal, 4’4″
Long Jump – 2nd, Ariana Ardell, 14’1.5″
Triple Jump – 4th, Ariana Ardell, 28’10.5″
Triple Jump – 5th, Samantha Johnson, 27’4″
Javelin – 2nd, Kaitlyn Kenney, 86’6″
Javelin – 6th, Joely Stone, 64’11”
Discus – 4th, Kaitlyn Kenney, 70’6″
Discus – 7th, Joely Stone, 64’6″
Shot Put – 2nd, Kaitlyn Kenney, 26’1.75″
Shot Put – 4th, Joely Stone, 22’10.75″
Shot Put – 6th, Aliya Sabattis-Webber, 21’11”
Pole Vault – 1st, Ariana Ardell, 6’0″ – County Champion, New School Record

JJ Bourgoin competes in the long jump.
100m Dash – 14th, Daniel Ross, 12.63
100m Dash – 24th, Jeremiah Bourgoin, 13.77
1600m Run – 5th, Daniel Ross, 4:59.93
1600m Run – 6th, Jeremy Stone, 5:06.13
400m Dash – 8th, Daniel Ross, 59.43
800m Run – 5th, Jeremy Stone, 2:18.7
3200m Run – 5th, Daniel Ross, 11:42.36
3200m Run – 6th, Jeremy Stone, 11:51.7
High Jump – 7th, Jeremiah Bourgoin, 4’8″
Long Jump – 19th, Jeremiah Bourgoin, 13’5″
Triple Jump – 4th, Jeremy Stone, 34’5″ – GHCA School Record
Triple Jump – 7th, Jeremiah Bourgoin, 32’8.25″
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