Houlton Lady Shires Secure Dominant Victory Over Washington Academy Raiders

Houlton, Maine –   In a stunning display of skill and teamwork, the Houlton Lady Shires left spectators in awe as they triumphed over the Washington Academy Raiders with an impressive 5-0 victory in Saturday’s high school girls’ soccer matchup. 


Ella McCarthy emerged as the star of the day, showcasing her prowess on the field by netting an incredible hat-trick. McCarthy’s ability to find the back of the net not once, not twice, but three times left no doubt about her impact on the game. She was undoubtedly the driving force behind the Lady Shires’ convincing win. 


Adding to the spectacle was Mylee Sylvia, who contributed significantly to Houlton’s offensive onslaught. Sylvia notched two goals of her own and provided an assist, solidifying her reputation as a key playmaker for the team. Her combination of scoring ability and playmaking vision proved to be a potent weapon against the Raiders.


 Gabby Gentle, another standout player for the Lady Shires, played a crucial role in the game by delivering an assist on one of Ella McCarthy’s goals. This teamwork and selfless play were emblematic of the Lady Shires’ overall performance.


 The victory catapulted the Houlton Lady Shires to an impressive 4-1 record, showcasing their resilience and determination as they continue to make strides in the competitive world of high school girls’ soccer. With this win under their belts, the Lady Shires are undoubtedly a team to watch this season.


 Looking ahead, the Lady Shires are set to defend their home turf in an eagerly anticipated matchup against Orono. As they aim to build on their recent success, the team’s supporters can be confident that they are in for an exciting and promising season.


 The Houlton Lady Shires have set the bar high with their outstanding performance against Washington Academy. Their remarkable teamwork, scoring prowess, and dedication to the game have undoubtedly made the entire Houlton community proud. As they continue their journey through the season, there’s no doubt that the Lady Shires will be a force to be reckoned with in Maine’s high school girls’ soccer scene.

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