Houlton Lady Shires Shine on Senior Night, Defeat Madawaska Lady Owls 7-0

In a heartwarming display of talent and camaraderie, the Houlton Lady Shiretowners secured a resounding 7-0 victory over the Madawaska Lady Owls in a thrilling high school girls soccer match. Last night’s game was not just about the final score but also about celebrating the incredible contributions of the Houlton seniors on their special night.

 Senior Ella McCarthy emerged as the star of the evening, displaying exceptional prowess on the field by netting an impressive hat-trick and contributing an assist to her team’s efforts. McCarthy’s exceptional performance showcased her leadership and skill, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed her in action.

 However, Ella McCarthy was not the sole senior to make her mark. Emma McCarthy, Gabby Gentle, and Kaitlyn Kenney, all graduating members of the Shires, joined in the goal-scoring extravaganza, each adding one to the tally. This collective effort from the senior players truly exemplified the spirit of teamwork and unity. 

Adding to the list of standout performers was the sophomore sensation, Mylee Sylvia, who contributed both a goal and an assist to her team’s victory. This remarkable blend of seasoned seniors and young talents clearly demonstrates the promising future that lies ahead for the Houlton Lady Shiretowners. 

With this impressive win, Houlton finishes their season with a stellar 12-2 record, a testament to their dedication and hard work throughout the season. Their excellence on the field has earned them the privilege of hosting MCI in the upcoming week, where they hope to continue their winning streak and etch their names further in the annals of high school soccer success. 

More than just a game, the Houlton Lady Shiretowners have shown that sports can be a platform for unity, growth, and the celebration of talent. On senior night, they not only displayed their skills but also their gratitude and respect for the graduating players who have given their all to the team. It was a night of triumph, camaraderie, and a reminder that the future of Houlton girls’ soccer looks incredibly bright. Congratulations to the Lady Shires on their exceptional victory, and best wishes for their upcoming game against MCI.

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