Houlton Lights Challenge

Light it Up and Win!

Let’s Light It Up!!!

Monument Park in Houlton is now ALL LIT UP!!! In addition to the lights, there are several displays for you to have your picture taken with!!  These displays were created by Blaine Jacket at JEI Sports !  JEI Sports can custom-create GREAT holiday gifts for you this year!  Be sure to check them out on Park Street in Houlton!

JEI Sports Displays – Now Ready!!

Here’s your chance to brighten the darkest days of the year AND win BIG!!!!!

Register your home, business or organization and you could win!  Enter Early!!

  • 1st Place – $500!!!
  • 2nd Place – $300!!!
  • 3rd Place – $200!!!
  • And and a random drawing $100!!!
  • PLUS a chance to win 1 of 10, $25 Gift Cards from Dead River!

Winners will be announced Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020!

So go ahead and ENTER!

Thanks to our Sponsors!

  • JEI Sports
  • JMM Services
  • Hogan Tire
  • Houlton Band of Maliseets
  • Town of Houlton
  • Houlton Water Company
  • Russell Stairs 
  • DOCs
  • First Choice Real Estate
  • Grand Rental Station
  • Harbison Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Horten Building Supplies
  • Hygrow
  • McLaughlin Construction
  • Rick Hannigan
  • Sadies Bakery
  • SAGE Financial
  • Step In Time
  • TNT Takeout
  • KTCO
  • York’s of Houlton
  • Dead River Company
  • Buildings Etc.
  • Currier, Trask and Jordan
  • Cyr and Sons Repair
  • FA Peabody
  • Houlton Farms Dairy
  • Lincoln Agency
  • State Farm Agency
  • SW Collins
  • Ward Log Homes
  • Bartlett Farms
  • Aroostook Auto Glass
  • Donald and Dorothy Fitzpatrick
  • Bloomer Russell Beaupain
  • Serendipitous Dragonfly
  • Severson, Hand and Nelson
  • Swallows Electric
  • Coles Shoe Store
  • Sports Vehicles

Thanks to our volunteers

We can’t thank all the people who showed up to help us string lights and decorate.  Special shout out to Leigh Cummings,  Paul Callanan, Tim Youngfellow, Russell Stairs (all the welding displays), Blaine Jacket from JEI Sports – the guy is a genius!!

How did we get the lights up so high in the trees and on the amphitheater?  JMM Services!  Their crew worked all day to get the light hung Waaaaay up in the trees!  Need help with your trees, plowing, fences, and just about anything else?  Give JMM a Call 207-543-4970.

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