Houlton Middle High School Named Model School

Staff to share findings at conference

The International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE), whose mission is to encourage, inspire and support today’s educators, has named Houlton Middle High School a 2021 Model School for their relentless focus on student outcomes in an unprecedented year. Houlton Middle High School recognized opportunities for growth, collectively established a vision, and systematically worked together to take action.

Houlton Middle High School is one of 16 Model Schools from across the United States that will share its best practices at ICLE’s 29th Annual Model Schools Conference. The event provides a forum for thousands of passionate teachers and leaders to share innovative and creative strategies for developing the minds of our future.

“Model Schools are courageously leading the charge in every conversation they have that accounts first and foremost for the wellness of the learner,” says Weston Kieschnick, ICLE Associate Partner. “Each of the 2021 Model Schools has thrived in the most challenging of times through their strength of conviction for rigor, relevance and relationships.”

Selected annually based on a number of criteria, Model Schools have substantive evidence of growth year over year; strong culture that focuses on student needs; and dedication to continuous improvement no matter the circumstances. “Our educators are passionate about our students and learning,” shared Ellen Halliday, Superintendent of Schools in RSU 29. “This is yet another example of

their commitment to our students and their resilience in the face of adversity.”

“Unlike any other year, we are beyond proud to be honoring the 2021 Model Schools for digging deeper than ever to remain energized and focused on the needs of students,” says Kieschnick. “The leaders and teachers at these schools truly represent courage in action.

Pictured here from left to right are Tim Tweedie, Principal; Heather Mitchell, Science teacher; Heather Fagnant, Social Studies teacher; Nannette Mills, English teacher and Danielle Thibodeau, Math teacher.

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