Houlton School of Dance 2021

After a year off due to Covid, the Houlton School of Dance is back!!!  Students prepared all year for this performance and now you will be able to watch the streaming video of their performance, and also, purchase a DVD of the entire show.

Streaming the Performance

Watch the full performance at 6pm on Monday, June 14th, 2021 at 6PM at  Here is the link for the performance.  Cost for the stream is $15 and is available to watch multiple times.  YOU DO NOT  need a monthly paid subscription to watch this video.  Just create an account (not paid) and pay for the recital.  The recital will be saved to your account.


School of Dance 2021

Purchase the DVD

The full performance DVD is available here for $25 


  • Will this broadcast have all of the dances?
    • Yes! The full recital is included plus scholarship, senior dances, and senior slideshow
  • Can I watch this more than once?
    • Yes!  You can watch it as much as you would like.  After the initial broadcast you can go back and watch it again and again.
  • Do I need a paid monthly membership to to watch AND  have to pay the $15 for the recital?
    • No.  You do not need a paid monthly subscription to but you do need to create a free account so we can save the recital to your library
  • How much is the recital?
    • $15
  • What happens to the $15 fee for the recital?
    • The profit goes to support Houlton School of Dance.
  • Are there going to be DVDs of the recital?
  • Can I download a copy of the program?
  • How long is the recital?
    • 1:40
  • I can’t watch the recital live, can I still see it?
    • Yes – the recital was recorded over 3 days, edited and will be available to watch anytime.
  • Can I watch the recital on my TV?
    • Yes – we now have both a Roku and Amazon FireTV app for you to use.  Purchase the recital on your computer and the video will be saved to your “library” tab.  Inside the library tab you will see a section for “Purchases” and that is where your video will be.

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  1. EXCELLENT, THANK YOU ! Another tip, if you don’t see Lifeframe in all programs (because mine didn’t) just type it in and it will come up on the top in a box that doesn’t look like it’s clickable, but click it. Once it opened, I right clicked the icon and pinned it to my task bar so I don’t have to hunt it down any more.

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