Houlton Snow Run benefits track and field program

Grierson, Ewings finish in top spots

The 39th annual Houlton Snow Run 5K and Walk took place on Saturday, March 11, at the John Millar Civic Center in Houlton, Maine. This year’s event saw 35 participants (28 runners and seven walkers) compete.

The Houlton Snow Run is a popular event that has been a staple in the community for almost four decades. This year’s run continued to pledge all its proceeds towards benefiting the RSU29/GHCA track and field program, a program that has helped many young athletes develop their skills and achieve their goals. Over $700 was raised.

“The event was a great success, with participants of all ages and abilities coming together to support a worthy cause,” said Race Director Chris Rines. “There was a strong sense of community spirit and camaraderie among the participants, with everyone cheering each other on and sharing in the accomplishment of finishing the race.”

After the race, participants had a chance to catch up with friends and fellow runners. Medals were also awarded to the top finishers in each age category and door prizes were distributed among those in attendance.

Claiming the overall victory in the male category was Stephen Grierson in 17:49, while the top overall female, Teanne Ewings, finished just a second behind him in 17:50.Taking top honors in the walking division was Catherine Fraser clearing the two-mile course in 30:22.

Overall, the 39th annual Houlton Snow Run 5K and Walk was a fantastic event that brought the community together for a great cause. The organizers would like to thank all the participants, volunteers, and sponsors who helped make this year’s event such a success.Thank you to this year’s shirt sponsors – MACS Trading Post, Dr. Peter Johnson, DMD, and Hogan Tire Company; to our door prize sponsors –

Overall male and female race winners, Stephen Grierson and Teanne Ewings, go toe-to-toe to the finish line.

County Physical Therapy, LLC and Smith & Wesson INC; to the Town of Houlton – John Millar Civic Center and Houlton Police Department; Race photographers – Maine Running Photos; Region Two School of Applied Technology Welding for their help with awards.

“We look forward to coming back next year on March 9 for the 40th edition of the snow run,” Rines added.

Category winners are: Overall Male, Stephen Grierson and Overall Female, Teanne Ewings; U14 Boys, James Brady and U14 Girls,Brooklyn Philbrook;15 – 18 Boys, Westly Dyer and 15-18 Girls, Natalie Johnson; 19 – 29 Me, Andy Bushy and 19-29  Women, Katelyn Osborne; 30 – 39 Men, (vacant) and 30-39 Women, Sarah Williams;40 – 49 Men, Joel Philbrook and 40-49 Women, Katie Duff; 50 – 59 Men, Bob McHatten and 50-59 Women, Angela Ewings; and 60 and up Men and Women, (vacant).

Overall results:

  1. Stephen Grierson      M19-29       17:49
  2. Teanne Ewings          F15-18        17:50
  3. Westley Dyer             M15-18       18:19
  4. James Brady             M14U          19:32
  5. Jacob Brezovky         M15-18        20:18
  6. Malachi Witmer          M14U          20:22
  7. Nathan Brady             M14U          21:29
  8. Natalie Johnson         F15-18         21:46
  9. Katelyn Osborne        F19-29         21:52
  10. Teagan Ewings          F19-29         23:17
  11. Colton Simoes           M14U           23:42
  12. Jack Philbrook           M14U           23:43
  13. Joel Philbrook            M40-49        24:11
  14. Phillip Espenscheid   M15-18        24:43
  15. Bob McHatten           M50-59        24:40
  16. Logan Witmer            M14U          24:53
  17. Angela Ewings           F50-59        24:54
  18. Sarah Williams           F30-39       25:04
  19. Brooklyn Philbrook     F14U          25:14
  20. Katie Duff                   F40-49        25:30
  21. McKenna Phillips       F15-18        25:33
  22. Serena Lufkin            F19-29         26:15
  23. Amy Witmer               F40-49         26:48
  24. Andy Bouchie            M19-29         27:32
  25. Jessica Philbrook      F40-49          28:07
  26. Beth Poliquin             F40-49          32:56
  27. Aimen Simoes           M15-18         34:01
  28. Danlen Espenscheid F15-18          34:02

2 Mile Walk results:

  1. Catherine Fraser                             30:22
    First place Catherine Fraser and second place Dan Randall in the walker’s division.
  2. Dan Randall                                    30:23
  3. Christina Johnson                           33:25
  4. Amanda Nkamwesiga                     33:26
  5. Sophie Bailey                                  35:07
  6. Jennifer Brisley                               35:46
  7. Brenda Bailey                                 35:47

Photos courtesy of Leo Kashian via Maine Running Photos



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