Houlton track team starts post-season run

County championship may be historic for girls

The Houlton girls track team continued their regular season with some more strong performances in week four of the PVC competition on Saturday in Caribou.  Out of the nine teams in attendance the Houlton ladies were able to finish second overall.
“The girls were actually leading the meet at one point in terms of scoring after about 12 or so events were tallied up, but a very strong Old Town team with some very talented field event athletes helped propel the Coyotes to first, finishing with 248 overall,” said Chris Rines, Houlton track coach. “We managed 108 points for the runner-up spot, which marks now the second time as a program and this season the girls have broken triple digits in scoring.”
The boys duo, Jeremy Stone and Daniel Ross, faced some very stiff competition all day. But, according to their coach,  their experience and determination shined through. They were able to manage 20 points together, which placed them ahead of Fort Kent and Fort Fairfield in the team standings, 7th overall.
Results & Scoring Places
Boys – 1. Caribou 197.5, 2. Presque Isle 135, 3. Old Town 91, 4. Hermon 50, 5. Foxcroft 46, 6. MSSM 25, 7. Houlton 20, 8. Fort Fairfield 13.5, 9. Fort Kent 2
400m – 2nd, Daniel Ross 57.33
1600m – 6th, Jeremy Stone 5:04.45
3200m – 4th, Daniel Ross 11:26.08
3200m – 6th, Jeremy Stone 11:39.83
Triple Jump – 3rd, Jeremy Stone 34′ 3″
100m – 2nd, Samantha Johnson 13.48
100m – 4th, Emma Ardell 13.78
100m – 5th, Emmalyne Drake 13.92
200m – 2nd, Emma Ardell 29.56
200m – 4th, Isabella Ardell 29.99
400m – 1st, Samantha Johnson 1:05.23
400m – 3rd, Elena Ardell 1:07.30
400m – 4th, Isabella Ardell 1:07.43
800m – 1st, Elena Ardell 2:38.27
800m – 5th, Emmalyne Drake 2:47.24
1600m – 4th, Emmalyne Drake 6:15.14
1600m – 5th, Leanne Ross 6:15.80
3200m – 4th, Leanne Ross 14:23.06
100mh – 2nd, Emma Ardell 17.43
300mh – 1st, Emma Ardell 51.38
300mh – 5th, Leanne Ross 59.49
High Jump – 4th, Emmalyne Drake 4′ 6″
Long Jump – 2nd, Ariana Ardell 14′ 6.5″
Triple Jump – 3rd, Ariana Ardell 29′ 3.5″
Triple Jump – 6th, Samantha Johnson 27′ 9″
Javelin – 4th, Kaitlyn Kenney 78′ 1″
This fifth and final week of the regular season also marks the start of our Championship post-season run.
“The kids and I are readying up this week, as we head into championship number one,” said Rines.
The Aroostook County League Championships on Friday are back in Caribou at 3:30pm.
“The meet could be another historic event for the girls,” Rines said. “As far as I can tell, from the results that have been posted online over the years, it looks like Caribou has been the county champion for at least since 2003. I  am willing to bet that the winning streak continues well into the 90s and probably the 80s.
“For most of those years, Presque Isle was the runner up, except in 2013 and 2014, when Fort Fairfield was able to break the pattern,” explained Rines.  “Our Houlton girls will compete to be the first team other than Caribou to win the County Championship, which is even more special considering these kids don’t regularly get practice time at a track facility.”
Rines and the team members would like to invite community members to attend the meet if you are available to make the trip.
“I know Caribou is still a haul, but it is about as close to a home meet as these kids will get,” said Rines. “Thank you for your continued support and go Shires!”

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