Jenkins building his future on music

Idea spurs from experience

By Gloria Austin
Wyatt Jenkins wants to build his future on music.
He is showcasing his skill as a musician and songwriter in the group Karaoke Quarantine since he has not been able to go and perform. (See story on WHOUFM.COM)
“I joined the group because I thought it was a cool way for artist, who worked parttime or even full time performing, to continue to perform and stay involved in the music scene,” Jenkins explained.
Karaoke Quarantine Group is unrolling a platform for accomplished musicians, as well as unearthing hidden gems and sprouting diamonds in the rough.
“[The group] is a great way for music lovers from any end of the spectrum to get together and perform,” Jenkins said. “And, to get responses from essentially a virtual audience.”
All-in-all, Jenkins enjoys seeing people having fun.
“But, there are some really talented people on that page,” he added.
Jenkins self-named band [Wyatt Jenkins band] writes their own music and play covers.
“I would say we are alternative rock/singer-songwriter,” he said. “We played a lot when we were in college. Now, we get together a little less.”
With that being said, Jenkins is trying to renew himself as a solo act and continuing to work on his songwriting.
He is an aspiring musician teacher.
“I know there are youth who love music, but do not necessarily have an idea of what they want to do with music,” Jenkins explained. “Typically in high school, there is chorus and band. When students graduate, they know if they like to sing or play. But, they do not have a good idea of a direction to take it.”
Jenkins would like to unravel that mystery for students based on his own experience.
“I think it would be nice to have classes for highschool students that show them options for work within the music/audio industry,” he explained. “Like producing, Foley or radio and broadcasting.
There is so many options for someone who loves music and wants to stay involved one way or another after high school.”
Jenkins has a Bachelor of Science in Sound Engineering from NESCom.
“I know if I would have had a class in high school to get me involved in the behind-the-scenes work such as production of studio or live performance, I would have been hooked,” he said. “But, instead it took a couple years after high school to figure out what I wanted to do.”
[Jenkins had his song “Katie Come Over” played on WHOU FM and can be heard on Spotify]

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