MPA Delays Start of Fall Sports

High School Season Delayed, Not Cancelled As Of Now

The fall sports season for Maine high schools has not yet been cancelled but will be delayed from August 17th to September 8th.

The Maine Principals’ Association (MPA) Interscholastic Management Committee voted yesterday to push back start dates and that gives some hope that there could be high school sports this fall.

The plan calls for a continuation of the previously announced phased-in MPA Summer Guidelines Plan. The dates for Phase 3 and 4 have been pushed back. Phase 3 now runs from August 3rd to the 23rd. Phase 4 will be August 24th to September 7th.

Also under the revised plan, teams could practice starting September 8th and the first games could be played September 18th.

Individual sport committees will now gather to work on schedules that will include fewer games and most likely will include more regional play.

The MPA cancelled the spring sports season and as everyone has found out, nothing is certain in these Covid-19 days.

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