MPA Sports Medicine Committee OKs Fall Sports

Interscholastic Management Committee Votes Thursday

One day before the Maine Principals’ Association (MPA) makes a final decision on the fate of fall high school sports, its sports medicine committee has recommended that the season begin as scheduled, for all sports.

The unanimous committee vote includes football, soccer, field hockey, golf, volleyball and cross country.

Dr. William Heinz chairs the MPA sports medicine committee and includes 11 other committee members.

The final hurdle to clear is the MPA management committee that meets tomorrow. If the vote is approval to play, local districts will then have the option to play or not.

From sports medicine committee member Dan O’Connell (John Bapst HS athletic director/football coach), “The committee heard recommendations from each fall sports committee about plans for their sport’s safe return to participation. Based on those recommendations, and, after much deliberation and discussion, the MPA SMAC voted to recommend to the IMC (Interscholastic Management Committee) all fall sports move forward under the guidance of the aforementioned recommendations.”

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