MPA Takes Another Step To Fall Sports

New Guidelines, Delayed and Shorter Season

The Maine Principals’ Association (MPA) has taken another step forward to holding a fall sports season. Albeit a delayed and shorter fall sports season.

The MPA has sent email updates to all schools in Maine that include new guidelines for Phase 3 (August 3 to August 16) and for Phase 4 (August 24 to September 7). The guidelines are for the sports of football, soccer, field hockey, cross country and golf.

The MPA also announced the following…

  • The fall sport committees are in the process of updating their bulletins.
  • In the sports of Soccer, Field Hockey, and Volleyball that the maximum number of games have been reduced to 10 with no minimum number of games.
  • In Football, schools will have seven weeks to complete a 6-game schedule.
  • Scheduling in Cross Country and Golf have not been revised.
  • With school schedules being redone the due date for submission has been lifted.

Check out the updated MPA Guidance Plan for fall sports below…

 MPA Guidance for Opening High School Athletics and Activities

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