New Program Helps People Transition to College

Northern Maine Community College (NMCC) and SAD 1 Adult & Community Education in Presque Isle have put together a new program to help people who want to enter a college program but who need some additional academic preparation before attempting collegiate-level academics.

SMART Start Flex, as the program is known, is a college transition program that offers several added benefits for the participant.  Upon successful completion, participants are guaranteed a position in the academic major they apply for at NMCC.  SMART Start Flex also teaches participants how to use the latest technologies, such as tablet computers, and note-taking pens & software, in use by today’s successful students.  Upon program completion and entrance into NMCC, students will be given the equipment so that they may continue to use it while attending the College.

LeRae Kinney, SAD 1 Adult & Community Education Director says, “The overwhelming majority of our college transition students plan to attend NMCC.  This collaboration helps to solidify those plans and helps the students to have a better understanding of collegiate expectations while giving them the tools to do so.  It is certainly a win-win situation for the students and both institutions.”

The program, which is offered at Presque Isle High School, is free to participants thanks to a grant from the Maine Community College System.

“Students may join SMART Start Flex at multiple times throughout the year and they may exit when testing scores are where they need to be, not just at the end of a semester or term,” says Dr. William Egeler, Dean of Students at NMCC.  “This program is designed to develop math and English skills at the student’s own pace under guided instruction.  It allows for the students to earn college credit and perhaps most importantly, students will gain that all important ingredient for college success: self-confidence.”

Referrals to the program may be made by either the PI Adult Education Program or NMCC’s Admissions Department.  Interested individuals are encouraged to contact either NMCC at 768-2785 or SAD 1 Adult & Community Education at 764-4776.

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