Public Statement

Our mission has been to highlight the best of our communities, our schools, the programs we love, and most importantly – our students.  Last night, two broadcasters made comments that were not only inappropriate, they were also blatantly wrong.  Those broadcasters were terminated.

For the last 11 years we’ve had the privilege of broadcasting students as they participate in the sports and events that they are passionate about with the people, teams and ensembles they love.  We see the pride their families have for their students and the team as a whole.  We collectively swell with pride when they perform their best regardless of the outcome.   Every night students go out and give it their all, they learn, they pick themselves and each other up when things get tough. We might be disappointed when they lose, but we’re inspired by their resilience when they come back to give it another shot.  That’s what is important and that’s what we embrace.

In all the events we cover, every single one of our students gets better, they learn and they grow.  Every day they face the challenges of their situation, whether it be on the court, at home or at school, but the important part is that they keep going.  All of our students deserve our respect.  Our students are living through the most challenging times in our history.  Not only are they struggling through a pandemic, they also have the challenges of living in an age of social media which many of us would say that’s even worse than the pandemic

I apologize that the broadcasters failed to see this fundamental belief and I apologize for their behavior.  I know they are remorseful and I believe they, too, will continue to learn from their mistakes.

We’ve heard from many of you, and many have shared clips of the event in question.  While it’s wrong that it happened, I’m going to ask each of you to help us shift the focus back on the excellence we see every day in our students.   If you’ve shared the video post, I’m hoping you will take it down, not to downplay the incident, but to better help all of our students move on to the important work and events in their lives.

Thank you,
Fred Grant

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