Web Design

We specialize in web technologies including web development.  For us, building a site isn’t just about having a site that looks nice, it also has to perform!  We spend a lot of time doing research even before we start building a client website.  Why?  Because we believe that understanding YOUR market is the only way to help you compete in the online arena.

Our Research

We do both industry research and also web placement research.  We want to know who your competitors are, how well they compete on the search engines and how they got there.  We also spend a lot of time getting to know who you are and what your goals are especially when it comes to your website.

The Northern Maine Media Difference

Anyone can build a website.  Heck, just look on TV, Facebook, or anywhere else and you’ll see all kinds of services that can tell you how “simple” it is to build a website yourself.  The truth is, you can build a website by yourself .  The question you should be asking yourself is:

[blockquote indent=”yes” ]How do you build a website that will actually draw the attention of your potential customers?[/blockquote]

At WHOU we have years of experience building sites that get noticed.  Let us help your business get noticed on the web!