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Northern Maine Soap Box Derby

News Release

March 3, 2016

Northern Maine Soap Box Derby Accepting Registrations – and Derby Cars

The Northern Maine Soap Box Derby (NMSBD) Committee is launching an effort to expand the only Soap Box Derby race in Maine by getting more kids into Soap Box Derby cars. Buying new cars can be a financial challenge for many potential participants, and oftentimes used derby cars and parts will sit in storage after a family or group has finished racing.

There is usually a gap between the number of kids interested in racing and the number of cars available. While the Committee always works to match kids up with cars that aren’t being used anymore, there are fewer available than there used to be.

In order to help more families experience the “thrill of the hill,” the Committee is happily accepting donations of used Soap Box Derby cars and parts (such as weights and wheels, et cetera.) If you have a Soap Box Derby car or parts that you’re willing to part with in order to help other families make lasting memories, please consider donating them to the NMSBD or lending them to a racer for the season. If you’re interested in donating or sharing your Soap Box Derby car, or if you are interested in registering for the race, please contact the John A. Millar Civic Center at (207) 532-1313 or [email protected].

The 2016 Northern Maine Soap Box Derby is fast approaching – the registration deadline is May 1 and the Race Date is set for June 18.

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