Spring Cleaning homes and minds

By Gloria Austin
Where have all the cleaning supplies gone? Shelves are empty and abandoned. Stocked a long time ago.
From the vacant shelves of cleaning supplies, we can only imagine how cleanly each home must be within the greater Houlton region?
This “stay at home” mandate favors many projects we can undertake … those ones that sit and stare at us right in the face and we say I will get to that eventually. Well, one that Houlton resident Kristi McAtee and I have in common at this point is the ever unpopular task of spring cleaning.
Yup. That is right. Clean those ceilings, walls and the closets of doom. Everything is piled into those closets all year. Stuff here and stuff there. Why do we keep so much stuff!!!
“I am about three months ahead on my spring cleaning,” said McAtee.
Ahh… three months? Gulp. I have a room done.
And, not only is she ahead for spring, but she just ordered her firewood for winter. Kristi, you have this isolation time down. But, what is next?
I know I like to pace myself. Okay. No laughter from you guys who know what a procrastinator I am, really. My sister says she works rings around me. No doubt she does. Ahh, squirrel. Off I go.
Mike Gudreau of Presque Isle joins Kristi and me.
“I have been taking care of a lot of little projects around the house,” he said. “I am enjoying time with my spouse. I am about this close [see those fingers just separated and nose squinted] to picking THAT book I started last fall, too.”
Oh yes. This is a great time in history to get reacquainted with books. The smell of ink, the feel of covers or the musty odor of a well-worn classic in your hands. Wait. Wait. Even though I love that image, today is it is more like … pick up the tablet or kindle. Get swept away from where you are today.
Cleaning will have to wait. Got my book, a warm cup of tea or coffee; snuggled in a blanket, and off you go to another time and place. Maybe you will even … [yawn…sorry] slip asleep and dream away from the COVID-19 pandemic … just for a while.

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