Supporting healthcare workers on front line

Larkins, Knapp deliver wellness and joy

By Gloria Austin

What do you do when COVID-19 hits and your workplace closes? You find another outlet for your time and energy. For Kim Larkins, taking the lead from her daughter, Sarah who adopted the idea from a South Carolina lady, along with Renee Knapp who is one of the Houlton Regional Hospital’s social workers, you make wellness baskets for those on the front line of healthcare.

The connection between all of these ladies is their use of essential oils for their health.

“We decided to make products that were immunity-boosting and that would provide respiratory support, along with other healthy additives,” said Larkins.

Larkins then posted the idea to Facebook. She began taking donations from the public for the project.

“Renee and I both made stuff at home,” Larkins explained. “Then we put the baskets and jars together. We wanted to spread some joy and wellness to our local healthcare heroes.”

While making something for others, Larkins was deeply moved as well.

“It was very emotional for me,” she said. “I think the whole experience has been overwhelming. I am very proud of Sarah too, who delivered her baskets and it was amazing.”

Larkins and Knapp delivered the wellness baskets to the hospital recently.

“I’ve tried to stay positive during this pandemic,” Larkins added. “As a social worker, I think it is important that we strive to find as much good in every day that we can.”

Now that the wellness basket project is complete, Larkins is turning back to her writing. She is a published author of “Emma Lou the Yorkie Poo – Breathing the Calm.”

“I have another book coming out this fall,” she said. “And, another one in the works. Writing is another great way to stay centered and release.”

Larkins is also working on re-establishing her private practice, too.

“Through this pandemic, we need to take care of each other and spread joy and positivity however we can to manage,” Larkins said.

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