Sweet Treats for Kind Feats

You may be served!

The Houlton Police Department is pleased to announce the launching of a community program to reward our youth for performing kind feats. The “Sweet Treats for Kind Feats” program was initiated by Houlton Police Officer Mallory Clayton. Mallory who is very community orientated, designed the program and coined the program’s name. Considering all that we do in response to law enforcement, it is the goal of the program to respond to the good in our community as well, a great “change of pace” for the officers. 

Officers will carry tokens for a free ice cream to Houlton Farms Dairy and when they see a youth perform a “Kind Feat”, the officer will reward the youth and their kindliness with a token. In addition, anyone in the community that witnesses a “Kind Feat” can contact Officer Clayton by phone or by email (posted on our website at and one will be delivered to the youth.

This program encourages positive behaviors, recognizes those who make the effort and builds relationships between our officers and youth. 

I can’t be more proud of Officer Clayton’s initiative to represent our department and community with such a positive program. The program takes effect today.

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