The 1st Exhibition of The Gathering Goodness Mosaic

Artist and Houlton native, Susan York, has been painting and making art in one form or another since she was three years old. Her paintings tell stories celebrating life, preferably in a series, like books or murals. Her current project, the Gathering Goodness Mosaic, was motivated byan experience she had 3 years ago when she was diagnosed with Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer. She remembers feeling terrified sitting in a doctor’s office and being told she needed to have surgery in 8-10 days to remove a huge tumor or prepare to die. She asked everyone she knew to pray and send good thoughts to her.

The physical sensation of those prayers and positive thoughts from around the world post surgery eventually lead to the idea for the Gathering Goodness Mosaic. Susan was overwhelmed by the PEACE, JOY and LOVE she felt. Susan really wanted to find some way to give back to those who had shared their energy and kindness with her in her time of need.

Susan created the Gathering Goodness Mosaic from the over 600 shared submissions of stories, photos and music of peace, joy, and love that she gathered through her Kickstarter project. The mosaic is made of 108 individual paintings that form a painted quilt or mosaic as shield to cancer, world ills and negativity. Instead of those darker feelings, this work of art and meditation celebrates the collective goodness Susan see’s every day in the people she meets. PEACE of heart and mind, the unconditional LOVE of a child or pet, the JOY in seeing the sunrise, a flower open, taking another breath and being grateful to notice those little things.

“ I hope that by exhibiting in a hospital, patients and their support will be able to experience some of the positive feelings I had when facing my greatest health challenge,” said York.

Please join Susan York at the Houlton Regional Hospital Concourse in the Mammography area on July 1st from 4:30 – 7:00 PM for this artwork exhibition, reception, and a conversation with the artist at 6:00 PM. The artwork will stay on display at the hospital through mid September. Following the exhibit in Maine, the artwork will be transported and displayed in New Hampshire and New York (where Susan’s journey with cancer has taken her).

Paintings and other items will be available to purchase. The paintings will not be distributed until all three state exhibits are concluded.

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