Things we can learn from a dog

Gloria Austin
A Facebook meme brings laughter, underscoring a bit of truth.
Such one I saw on my friend’s facebook post: Two dogs – a mom and a pup were sitting together – the pup says, “Mom, why are humans wearing muzzles?” The mom replies, “Honey, they are too dumb to learn “sit” and “stay.”
We need to learn to sit and stay.
To beat the covid-19 spread, sit. Enjoy the downtime. And please, stay [at home]. You do not need to be out in stores every other day. Get what you need for the week. And, stay home. That cannot be stressed enough. You are not only putting yourself and your children at risk, you are jeopardizing others – especially those who are working essential jobs – health and their families, as well.
Social distancing – good. Sanitize and wash your hands. All good advice. But, the best I have seen lies within the meme … sit and stay!!!!

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