This year is different

Live, Love and Laugh

By Gloria Austin
Sunday is Easter. This will be the first time in my lifetime I have not celebrated with my family. There will be no gathering together for a meal. There will be no Easter egg coloring or games with the kids. That makes me sad. I love Easter. I love going to church and worshipping a resurrected Saviour and then gathering with my family and spending time with them.
This year will be different.
This year has been different in many ways. In January, we celebrated a year of new beginnings of hope. Bettering our situations or continuing the good. This year, so far, is not proving out to be that.
We were slapped in the face with COVID-19. Anxiety and panic set in. Or, apathy to a seemingly unseen danger resides. We try to calmly face the new adversity. We follow mandates and recommendations. Despite the virus, it is an unsettling and changing state of affairs – personally and politically.
People in essential jobs are uneasy about walking through the doors of their workplace.
“I am still working 40 hours a week in an outpatient office. It is scary for sure,” said Arlene Wright of Fort Fairfield.
Despite all the suggested or real fears of the time we live, good things can rise from the apparent ashes of this crisis.
“Not much free time at home, but enjoying the two grandchildren – watching the 11-year-old warm up to his one-year-old brother,” Wright said. “The 11-year-old is even helping around the house with his brother. It is very nice to see.”
Primitive signs have words like Live Every Moment; Live. Laugh and Love; Simplify; Grateful hearts; or just Home.
Take this time to have family dinners; sit together; talk and listen and above all else, laugh. Laughter makes a merry heart. Life doesn’t look so bleak if we smile.
Despite my sadness about Easter, I will recall the “good ol’ days” and smile.

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