The 2015 High School Basketball Tournament Coverage .

WHOU radio will bring you coverage of all games played by Presque Isle girls, Caribou Boys (in Class B) and both Houlton Boys and Girls (in Class C).

WHOU will also cover THE ENTIRE CLASS D TOURNAMENT, featuring County teams from Southern Aroostook, East Grand, Central Aroostook, Easton, Fort Fairfield, Washburn and Van Buren.

Games will be heard on the radio  on 100.1 FM and online with audio at whoufm .com  We will not carry video on our web site as we do all season long. Ken Holck, Tim Tweedie and Bobby Russell will call the action for you.

The MPA has awarded the video streaming contract for five years to the National Federation of High Schools Network for quarterfinal games. This is a PPV site. HOWEVER, they have subcontracted with WHOU, so if you subscribe to this broadcast you will hear announcers from our Northern video Stream call the games.

To sign up go here:


Once games get into the semi final round starting next Wednesday afternoon, they will be on the MPBN television network and streamed FREE online at :

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  1. I’m so proud of my cousin, Steve Carmichael. He does a superb job calling the plays for the County teams. He sounds like he’s been announcing for years. I so enjoy listening to him on the air. And, I so value his support, loyalty, and devotion to the County. He’s a keeper. Well done!

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