Tribute to Aaron Henderson

This morning we had a moment of silence to honor Green Beret and local hero Sergeant 1st Class Aaron Henderson who died due to injuries sustained while on active duty in Afghanistan.

Aaron was a member of the US Army A Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group and a Graduate of Hodgdon High School.

After the moment of silence we played the Star Spangled banner as sung by Haven Rhoda at last night’s soccer game in honor of Aaron.

We will miss you Aaron.

The audio file is included below.


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  1. 1st Sargeant Henderson,
    You as a son, a brother, an uncle have given your loved ones a safe place to lay their heads at night and dream of hopes and wishes, truths and peace. Yours service to this country will never stand alone. You along with many other soldiers have given their lives for us American citizens, to let us enjoy our freedoms we so take for granite each and everyday as those rest their heads in sand and around danger each and everyday. I assure you that you will never be forgotten for this ultimate sacrifice. Your name will be carried in the hearts of your loved ones and friends you have gained through out the years of high school and through out your career as a soldier. I pray for your mother and brother in a safe journey through their lives. I know they will miss you dearly because you were a great man through out school and surely i am sure you were just as great through your service. Walk proudly through the heavens 1st Sargeant and guide those with your wisdom as they approach the gates. You will never be forgetten as a friend and as a soldier that fought for my freedom.

  2. Aaron, they say God sends angels in and out of our lives for a purpose. You are one of those angels, and have touched everyone you have come into contact with. Just look at the outpouring of love from across the country when your death was announced. Your family has tons of support during this difficult time, but you have the ultimate supporter, God Almighty. As sad as we are at loosing you, we are happy to know that you are in God’s loving care now. No more hurt, sadness, fear, or anything negative. I am sure your father was waiting for you with open arms, and you no longer care about the earth and what is on it. You are in the house of the Lord, how awesome is that!

    We thank you for your service to our country and the sacrifice you have made to keep us safe. You are a Hero among heroes, and will be remembered always. We will now try to help your family thru this difficult time in their lives, and let them know that we will always remember you and smile when we do.

    You’re not even home yet, and your name is on the lips of people across the country. When you do return, it will be to a heroe’s welcome. You deserve that much, and a lot more. You join the Zimmerman and Larson Families in taking your seat in our history. You were a bright, energetic, brave young man to go away from friends and family to fight for the freedoms so many of us take for granted. I salute you, and respect you as a friend and soldier. Go in Peace Aaron. We will see you again one day, and we will all know the Glory of God the Almighty. Blessings. Mr. and Mrs. Rafford.

  3. AAron thank you for your service, you are among many hero’s of this country so take your righful place among them; we are all so very proud of you and we will pray for you as you take on this journey. God bless you and your family,thank you for keeping us safe.

    This world and country is a lot better because you took that extra step, you went that extra mile, you gave your life so we all can enjoy the freedom that we all enjoy.

    God Bless

    from the members of Hayward-Frazier VFW Post 2599

  4. Hearing the first song, I couldn’t hold back the tears…My heart has been so heavy since hearing about Aaron. I pray for his Mom and his brother Sam and his wife Kiley and their children, to lose a son and brother, brother in law and uncle…way to soon. I had shared with a friend, that as believers we pray for our friends and family to someday make choices so that one day they can call Heaven Home and yet it is difficult for us who are left behind to let them go. I pray that God’s perfect peace will cover over his family and friends.
    Thank you Aaron for your service to God first and for our country, we will never know the sacrifice you made for us.
    One thing about living in Aroostook County, this family won’t have to go through this alone…we are a close knit community and we will be there for them, this I’m sure of.

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