What A Catch!

39 Pound Record Breaking Trout

Talk about landing the big one! Erik Poland from Andover, Maine was fishing in Richardson Lake in western Maine and hauled in a state record 39-pound trout last week.

39-pounds 2-ounces and  44-inches to be exact. That’s a new record for a lake trout in Maine.

Biologists for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife say this about trout in Maine…

Lake Trout are historically native to Maine. They are one of the longest living freshwater fish species and the largest native species found in Maine. MDIFW Fisheries Biologists have documented numerous lake trout that are older than 25 years, and some even older than 30. When a fish can live over 30 years, it’s bound to get quite large! The most accurate way to determine the age a lake trout is to examine tiny “ear” bones called otoliths under a microscope. – MDIFW Press Release



Poland has agreed to save the ‘otolith bone’ so state officials can find out just how old the fish is.

Richardson Lake is known for its landlocked salmon as well as its trout.

NOTE: Poland will be a guest on ‘This Week with Dale Duff’. The weekly interview show streams every Tuesday night at 7pm on

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