Wisdom Girls, Fort Fairfield Boys Get Past Hodgdon In High School Soccer Action

 In a thrilling day of Maine high school soccer action, the fields came alive with talent and determination. The Hodgdon Hawks faced off against formidable opponents, the Wisdom High Pioneers and the Fort Fairfield Tigers, in an afternoon filled with excitement and sportsmanship. 

Girls Soccer:  Wisdom Lady Pioneers vs. Hodgdon Lady Hawks

In a high-scoring showdown, the Wisdom Pioneers clashed with the Hodgdon Hawks, resulting in an electrifying 7-3 victory for Wisdom. Hodgdon set the pace early on, leading 2-1 at halftime, but Wisdom came back stronger than ever in the second half to secure the win. 

Hodgdon showcased their offensive prowess with goals from Gracie Little, Anna Oliver, and Ava Ezell, while Gracie Little provided the lone assist. Wisdom’s Lily Roy and Kamryn Clavette were forces to be reckoned with, each netting hat-tricks, while Madisyn Cyr and Lily Roy contributed assists. 

The goalkeepers were nothing short of spectacular, with Paige Fitzpatrick of Hodgdon making 14 saves on 22 shots and Colleen Thamsen of Wisdom stopping 16 of 21 shots. Despite the score, the girls’ game was a testament to the players’ skill and determination on the field. 

Boys Soccer:  Fort Fairfield Tigers vs. Hodgdon Hawks

 In a closely contested boys’ matchup, the Fort Fairfield Tigers edged out the Hodgdon Hawks with a final score of 2-0. The Tigers wasted no time, with Graedon King finding the net just one minute into the game, and Josh Schupbach added another goal later in the half. The remainder of the game saw both teams launch impressive attacks, with shots even finding the crossbar, but no additional goals were scored. 

Fort Fairfield’s goalkeeper, Brett Senal, was instrumental in securing the win with 5 saves on 8 shots. Hodgdon had a strong defensive performance in the face of a relentless Fort Fairfield offense, with keepers Derek Golding and John Gaddis combining for 12 saves on 25 shots. 

These high school athletes showcased their skills and sportsmanship on the soccer field, proving that even in defeat, there are valuable lessons to be learned and victories to be celebrated. The future of Maine high school soccer looks bright with such dedicated and talented young players giving it their all.

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